Tasting Notes


Green and Red Zinfandel (2006 Chiles Canyon Vineyard)


I became a fan of  Green and Red's Zinfandel after my first sip.  The wine is a beautiful ruby red color.  It has a grapey (but not jammy) and spicy nose.  The tannins didn't coat my mouth, but rather stayed at the tip of my tongue.  The Zin has lingering spicy notes and a nice spicy finish.  It is definitely a big wine, but it mellows considerably once opened.  The wine is somewhat hard to find (the winery only produced 2200 cases), but you can order it at Green and Red's website.


Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Dogfish head punkin ale


Dogfish Head 2009 Punkin Ale (Delaware)

7% Alc. by Vol.

I drink Dogfish Head Punkin Ale every year, and the 2009 brew does not disappoint!  I'm actually somewhat of a pumpkin beer aficionado and I always find the Dogfish Head brews are better then the rest.  This year's brew is a reddish amber.   It is a sweet beer with heavy notes of clove and cinnamon.  The label notes that it is brewed with "real pumpkin, brown sugar, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg."  note, no mention of cloves, but really I can taste it!  Maybe my palate isn't sophisticated enough but I can't taste the pumpkin. Of course pumpkin pie tastes more like all of the spices you add to it then actual pumpkin.  The only downside to this beer is the price.  Whole foods is charging $11 for a four pack.  I bought two before they sell out.  I promise.  It's worth it!


Whitehall Vineyard Viognier 

Post Office Box 323
White Hall, Virginia 22987


I am a fan of Virginian viogniers, and Whitehall vineyards 2008 vintage does not disappoint.  This is not a complex wine, but it is an easy drinking, pleasant option when you are in the mood for something tasty.  It doesn't have much of a nose, but if you really try to smell it.  This viognier is slightly sweet, but not overpowerfully so.  It's a great wine to sip on a hot afternoon.


Three Philosophers

Throwing horseshoes while drinking a Three PhilosophersBrewery Ommegang (Cooperstown NY)


Delicious.  It’s a deep red amber ale that is 98% Belgian quad and 2% Iambic.  The cherry flavor is not pronounced.  In fact, I couldn’t taste it until the beer warmed up and almost reached room temperature.  If you like hoppy beer, you will not like Three Philosophers.  However if you are looking for a very flavorful, malty, slightly sweet, and very smooth beer, I highly recommend it.  Just be careful—Three Philosophers is a whopping 9.8% alcohol.  In fact I don’t think they can even call it beer in Virginia.  Thank goodness it is brewed in NY!


Edel de Cleron, Cow's Milk Cheese

Edel de Cleron looks like brie, but is much more complex than most brie.   The cheese is smooth--but not oozy--with mushroom, earthy undertones.  It is a cheese of contrasts. It is not acidic (thankfully) and not sharp, yet it has a tangy finish.  It is a mellow cheese, but at the same time it is strong and flavorful.  I highly recommend trying it!